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Updated: Nov 29, 2019

Here's a bunch of sites I reference regularly and that have inspired me on my journey. The links are inside of the write-up. Look for the underlined parts. You know how to look for a goddamn link! There's a bunch of other resources to other sites through-out this site - so look for the articles that correspond with those topics. I'll try to post them here at some point as well.


Krocks in the Kitchen!

If you think you're too far gone, that you're too over-weight, that you can't possible come back from where you are look no further than the Krocks! Their site is lovely and their YouTube channel even more so. They've got lots of recipes but even more than that they've got a bunch of articles and videos about how collectively they've lost about 300 pounds (so far). They're on Instagram as well. They're fucking everywhere - follow them - love them.


These two are completely fucking adork-a-ble. Seriously, they're a lovely married couple that has a really great online work-out program. You can watch their videos for free on their site or on their YouTube Channel (seriously - what a great free resource) - I HIGHLY recommend getting their App and paying the few measly dollars they charge a month. It's cheaper than any gym membership you'll ever fucking get and you can have amazing workouts from your own home with minimal equipment - or none if you want! I use this every-goddamn-day.


I started using this site after hearing it recommended by a few people. I've wanted to try meditating for a long time and this site and their app finally made it work for me, so there's that. There's even some on it that I've used with the kids. They have a lot of great one-offs that you can use, or ones that you can use to work on skills like focus and calming your ass down. I use this daily (or at least I try to...).

Jaroudi Family

Similar to the Krocks these are awesome people who started their journey like a lot of us - overweight, unhealthy. She's got an inspiring as hell story and website loaded with resources and recipes. And their YouTube channel is on fucking point.


Thug Kitchen

These people are fucking amazing - to the books section of my site to for hard copies of their recipes - some of which are still on their website. I love their style and I can't lie - it totally influenced mine for this site. They've also got a fantastic podcast as well called Forked Up that you should get your ass on. I can't speak highly enough about the shit these people are doing.

Brand New Vegan

Chuck is the fucking best. His goal is to take all of your favourite comfort foods and make them healthy as fuck and plant based and he's doing a hell of a job. Seriously. Just check out his site or his instagram and you're going to want to get all over these recipes. He's also got a podcast as well that you can check out.


Ela's site is loaded to the tits with delicious and tasty treats. I can't lie - I've mostly just played with her desserts - but I'm going to dive into her regular food too. Check out her site and see what you like!

Minimalist Baker

Just like the name suggests this site is all about the simplicity of delicious treats with as little of ingredients as possible. I need to dive deeper into this site, but it's been a go to for many things I make now. Super inspiring.

Nora Cooks

Haven't spent a ton of time on this site, but I've come across enough great recipes to recommend you check it out as well!

Peas and Crayons

This is where I got the inspiration for our taco soup recipe. This site is loaded with healthy recipes and a lot of them are family friendly that kids go nuts for. Need to dive into it deeper but what I've eaten from this so far - I fucking loooove.

Oh She Glows

We use the shit out of her cookbooks, and the recipes range from fancy to simple as hell. She's also got a great app that you can use - it ain't free, but it's pretty fucking cheap and loaded out the ass with great recipes. But her website is a solid place to start!


Dr. Fuhrman

Dr. Joel Furhman is the man whose work really made everything click for me in a way that made me realize I could sustain the way I wanted to eat and live FOREVER. His website is a great starter - yeah, he's hawking his books and products - but they're pretty fucking worth it. He's a wealth of information and passionate. You can also find his books on my book section here. I'm not going to lie - this guy is my guru - I'll check out anything he's talking about.

Engine 2

Rip Esselstyn is a god among men (and looks like one to). He was part of the Forks Over Knives crew - and this is his main website. His books are great - his podcast is super fucking interesting. I can't say enough good about the man. He's a champion for plant based living and one of the movements strongest and bigger personalities. Check him out.

Simnett Nutrition

Derek is a fellow Canadian and a goddamn rockstar. His website is awesome but his YouTube Channel is where it is at! His playful and approachable manner makes you feel like he's right there with you - he's got recipes and information galore to share and does it in a way that's easy to understand. If you spend a measly few bucks on his downloadable pdf it also gives you access to his Facebook Page where he's very active. I've flagged him a few times in post and he gets back ridiculously quick. Seriously - this guy is inspiring and representing both the plant-based community and friendly Canadians well.

Hello Nutritarian

I love this website so much. In a way this is a simpler and yet more photogenic version of what Dr. Fuhrman is pushing. She's one of his biggest proponents. I wish my fridge looked like hers. She's got a wealth of information from recipes to how to stock your kitchen, pantry, fridge, etc... And a great Nutritarian primer to book!

Health Line

This website is full of great articles to get your mind prepared for this lifestyle. It answers a lot of burning questions you probably have as well as some you didn't even think to ask. Spend some time and do a deep dive on it. It's fucking great!

Very Well Fit

Another site just loaded with great articles and information from how to measure your body properly to what exercises are most efficient. Worth a deep dive.

Nutrition Facts

So on the surface this site feels like it's almost a govt website, but it's a man's mission to clear up some shit about health that's just downright fucking wrong - and do it in a way that we can all understand. It's a great amazing resource, and he's also got a load of videos for you to watch if you prefer your learning in that sort of way. You can spend HOURS on this site and not be bored. Assuming you're a fucking little nerd like me...


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