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Sweet Potato Tortillas

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Exactly what the title suggests! These beautiful bastards come together quick - and you can use them as a bread substitute as well. Delicious, gluten-free, and nutrient dense as all hell!

Serves: 6 (measured at about 28-30g pre-baked) (about 80 calories each - if that shit matters)


1 medium sweet potato (enough for 1 cup cooked)

1 1/3 cups oat flour (rolled oats will do - see directions)

Dash of sea salt


Skin your sweet potato and dice that fucker into small cubes. If you’ve got an instant pot cook it on manual for 4 minutes - if not put that shit in a steamer basked on the stovetop for 10-15 minutes or until it’s soft and squishy. Let it cool to a room temperature.

If you don’t have oat flour (who the fuck does?!) then just put rolled oats in a blender and pop that sucker on for 20 seconds or so. That’s it. If it’s a little course that’s totally okay.

Start warming up your skillet to a medium high heat. Mash the sweet potato, 1 cup of the oat flour, and salt together with your hands until it’s mixed together and ball like. Now, cut that shit into six even portions. If you’ve got a food scale use that - should be about 28-30g/per. Use the extra oat flour to wipe down the counter and rolling pin with. Roll them out into about 6-8 inch circles. Put into frying pan, they won’t stick. Keep checking, but the don’t take long - about 45-60 seconds. Flip ‘em and repeat. But keep an eye - you want them to brown just a little, but not burn.

Wrap them in a dish towel and keep ‘em warm. Toss on whatever the fuck you wanna eat ‘em with and enjoy!


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