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mushroom gravy

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

This is rich and goddamn delicious. My family would drink it by the fucking cup if I let them. Seriously though, this is easy as hell to make while you’re throwing together the rest of your dinner. Put it on whatever the fuck you like to put gravy on. We usually make it during the holidays and slather a little over everything.

Serves: Enough for a big family meal w/ 8 people or so.


3/4 cup mushrooms (white or button or whatever the hell you want), chopped up

1 small onion, chopped small

1/4 cup vegan margarine (we like Melt or Earth Balance)

2 1/2 cups low-sodium vegetable broth

2 tbsp low-sodium tamari or soy sauce

1/4 cup flour (I use brown rice or a 1-to-1 all purpose, but you could use whole wheat)

1 tbsp poultry seasoning

Salt and pepper to taste (you can do without, really)


Get all the shit together so you can toss it together quickly.

Heat up a large skillet, melt the margarine (if using), add the onions and mushrooms. Saute that shit for a minute or two over high heat. Then, turn it down a bit to low and add the broth and and soy or tamari.

Slowly add in the flour, whisking the fuck out of the mixture as you go to keep any nasty fucking lumps from forming. Get that shit up to a simmer or low boil and just for a minute to let it thicken up then reduce to low. Stir a bit here and there.

Add your seasonings and keep stirring, letting it thicken. Then remove from heat - it’ll keep thickening as you let it cool a tinge.

Serve that shit on whatever you like to put gravy on!


If you want to be extra healthy you can probably omit the margarine. But given that gravy is a *sometimes* food maybe live it up a little and let it be a bit richer ;-)

You could use cornstarch to thicken it if you’d like. Too thick? Use a little water or broth or plant-milk to thin it out.


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