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So here's a bunch of stuff that we've got in our kitchen that gets a shit load of use. And yes, if you click on the photos the links take you to Amazon and my site makes some money from you buying from them. I promise that shit ain't going into my pocket and it doesn't cost you anything extra, and it helps to pay for day to day stuff with the site and to advertise it and spread the word. That said - buy this shit from wherever you want - mostly just trying to recommend good shit to people here!


Vita-Mix or other high powered blender

There's a bunch you can choose from but this one is probably a good middle ground one. Is it a bit expensive? Sure. I highly recommend a Vita-Mix ‘cause we’ve had the same one for 10 years and it still works like a champ - and given we use it almost 2-3 times a day sometimes that's pretty impressive. It's more than paid for itself at this point.

Instant Pot

It’s basically a tie between which gets more use in our kitchen between this and the Vita-Mix. I use this almost every day for breakfast, and we eat a lot of beans, so it gets a lot of use in that department. It’s ridiculous how much this thing does - it works like a pot, an oven, a slow-cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker - the list goes on. It makes perfect fucking oatmeal and hard/soft boiled eggs not to mention the most consistent and creamy beans. If you buy this and don’t love it you have no business being in a kitchen.


We have a beat-up old one that my wife has owned for forever, but I’ve got a friend who owns this one and swears by it. This is great for grating fruits and veggies super quick, but we’ve also made our own homemade lara-bars in this as well as a ridiculous amount of other things. We love the fuck outta this thing - and they seem to be tanks and last pretty much forever. So for $50 it’s a pretty good purchase.

Food Scale

This is the newest tool in our kitchen, and while I mostly use it to measure nuts (oh man do I love fucking nuts) I’ve gotten way more used to measuring portions out in grams the way serving sizes are labelled (when I’m eating healthy packaged shit - and sometimes not as healthy packaged shit…)


Everyone say hello to the newest toy in our kitchen! Everyone was taking about these and there's a reason - they make vegetables fucking delicious and crispy without any oil. We've also been using it to bake and whatnot too. A great all around kitchen toy that I absolutely love.


Nut Chopper

Oh man, this thing is a godsend in my kitchen. Look, it’s not hard to chop nuts with a good knife - but it’s sort of a pain in the ass. This does it lightning quick with way less mess. If you’re into nuts this is a no brainer and doesn’t take up much shelf space.

Avocado Knife

We got this as a stocking stuffer. This is the sort of shit they made fun of in Fight Club, I realize, but given how much avocado we eat now this little item gets a lot of play and it makes cutting up an avocado a little less of a pain in the ass.

Measuring Spoons

You can’t work in the kitchen without these, and I’d argue you need two or three sets if you’re cooking regularly and doing want to be washing up between each step. These are a nice cheap good quality set. You can go stainless steel if you’d like but you really don’t need much more…

Measuring Cups

Just like the measuring spoons these are a must own for anyone whose even a half-ass cook - and if you'r nearing a full-ass cook then you likely need two or three of these are well. Again, stainless steel are nice and fancy - but these are more than suffice.

Cutting Boards

This is a cheap and beautiful one and you absolutely need two of these fuckers. Why? Because you want one for fruit and one for veggies and keep 'em separate. You'll never forgive yourself if you forget and cut a strawberry after you cut onions or garlic... yeah... I through up in my mouth just typing that.

Veggie Chopper/Slicer

Let's face it - you're going to be cutting a fuck tonne of vegetables and this shit makes you efficient, especially if you're one of those people who likes to prep a bunch at the top of the week to keep you going for a couple of days.

Veggie Spiralizer

Once you get used to making delicious salads and plant-based meals you're going to want to have some variety to your vegetables and how you use them - this is a great way to make either veggie noodles with zucchini, or just spruce up your salads, etc...

Knife Set

It sorta goes without saying that if you're going to be cooking you need to cut some shit up. Knives can be stupid expensive. This is a good cheap-as-fuck starter set that not only looks pretty bad-ass on your counter but stays sharp for a long-ass-time. You can always add to this or expand, but this will get you started - and it's likely all you'll ever need.

Salad Spinner

Welcome to the wonderful world of salads! Making them is so much fucking easier with one of these. You're going to use this daily - maybe multiple times. Makes it super quick to clean them greens.

Nut-Milk Bag

I mean, if you're going to be drinking a shit load of plant based milk than you might as well save yourself some money and make your own. Almond milk can be made wicked quick in a high-speed blender. This takes up almost no room in your kitchen. If you're inclined at all to make your own work give it a whirl.

Mixing Bowls

Whether it's for baking or cooking or holding the giant fucking salads you're going to be eating, having a solid set of mixing bowls is a must-have for all kitchens. This is a good assortment AND they come with lids. Fucking fancy!


Silicon Baking Mats

Ditch the parchment paper and move into the future with these highly reusable mats. (though, you know, have a little parchment on deck for emergency or weird shapes).


Rinse the shit (sometimes literally - veggie grow in manure, yo) off your food. Or your beans, pasta, whatever. You're in the kitchen you're going to need some of these.

Cast Iron Skillets

These are way cheaper than you'd think and as a cast iron user from waaay back I swear by cooking on them. These come pre-seasoned but make sure you re-season them from time-to-time. YouTube will be your friend when it comes to that.

Stainless Steel Whisk

From betters to dressings you're working in the kitchen more - you're gonna need to stir shit up. This is a good one.


These bad-ass spatulas are heat resistant and they've got a stainless steel core so they're extra fucking firm. From scraping out the last bits of your nut butters to an endless list of other uses spatulas are a godsend - you'll use them every day.

Baking Sheets, etc...

Look - if you're going to invest serious coin, you'll want to get a glass set like the one at this link here. BUT if you're trying to save some money and pimp out your kitchen this kit has everything you need.

Food Storage

Look - you're going to be spending a lot of time cutting veggies, making food in batches, you're going to want to save some time by making extra and storing it. You can look for cheaper options, but these are daily use items - if you're going to do this way of life then you'll likely find you need more than this at some point.

Wax Sharpies

I just started using these. You're going to be working with a lot of fresh foods, left-overs, dressings, etc... take two seconds and mark the date on the food storage container so you know how long that shit's been in your fridge - trust me.


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