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How to do Affirmations & Visualizations

So when I started this journey I didn’t see myself as an “affirmation type” I always thought of that stuff as hippie-dippy bullshit. My wife had done it off and on and my father-in-law talked about it too. I’ve ALWAYS been a positive thinker - and so I guess in a way I’ve always done some form of this stuff - but I never set out to actually do them consciously.

And then I tried. And goddamnit, I really really fucking like them.

There’s something really powerful and awesome about just putting out into the universe exactly what you want. People are ashamed about this kind of stuff because it makes them feel vulnerable… what happens if they ask for something and don’t get it?!?! Well… I guess you’re in the exact same position you are right now…. so what do you have to lose?… Just a few minutes of your time each day? I feel like it’s worth at least checking it out before you write it off.

You can have affirmations for as many different things as you want - and swap them out depending on what sort of things you’ve got planned for your day - whatever it is you’re working on. Is it that you’re working towards a new project, a promotion, being a better partner, or parent? Being more patient and understanding? Eating healthier? Moving more? Losing weight? Whatever it is that you’re working on you can customize it, and pull out whichever one you need…

How to write your own affirmations:

It’s as simple as answering these four questions, and then reading the answers out-loud to yourself. Save them and use them over and over - update them as needed.

1. What do I really want?

Put the answer in a positive: “I want” or “I am”. Be specific as possible. “I want to make my next project.” “I want a promotion at work.” “I want to be a better partner or parent.” “I want to be healthier.”

The trick is to be as specific as possible about your goal.

2. Why I want it?

Same deal. Why do you want this. Will it make you happier, healthier, a better family member? Will it improve your life. Don’t be shy - say EXACTLY why you want this. It doesn’t matter what the reason is so long as it’s important to you!

3. Who I am committed to being to create it?

Does this mean being more patient, more focused. Does it mean re-thinking some of your habits. Who does the person that you will become to make this happen look like? Do they get up earlier? Put time aside at the end of the day? Is this someone who re-prioritizes their life?

4. What I am committed to doing to attain it?

Here’s the even harder part. What are you going to do? Work harder? Stop eating certain things. Do mindfulness? Get up earlier? Make a work-out schedule? Do more research? Make actionable steps that you can follow that will help you achieve this.

Here’s a sample of affirmations that I wrote for myself:

I want do get my next project into production. I want to have something that I can creatively invest in that will also help to support my family. I want it so that I can have control over my life and feel like I’m contributing to art and also to my family. To achieve this I commit to being focused and diligent about devoting time every day towards pushing my various projects forward. I will make a list of all my current projects and make steps each day for how I can move them forward.
I want to become a healthier person. I want to be healthier both physically and mentally. I want this because I know that I’m not getting any younger and it’s time I started better habits that I can commit to for the rest of my life. I want it because I want to be around and healthier for my family - and set a good example for my children. To do this I will be focused and disciplined and stay on track. I will make this a priority. I am committed to doing research into the right sort of exercise to get me started in a way that’s healthy and safe for me, and I will exercise daily in some way. I will explore healthier ways of eating, and I will learn ways to handle portion control. I will figure out a way to eat that doesn’t leave me hungry. I will meditate and work on being calmer and more in control of my emotions.

Simple, right? It can be as short as this - or way longer. I went into more detail for my last question about my various projects but didn’t bother including it here since it won’t make any fucking sense to you…


These are pretty similar to the affirmations - but instead of writing them down what you need to do is actually picture what you want happening. Create a visual picture in your head and feel free to try and use all of your sense in the imagining - see it, feel it, touch it, taste it. Try to dive as deep into it as possible. And follow similar steps as the affirmations, but instead of writing them out you’re going to just do them in your head, sort of like a meditation:

1. What do I really want?

Visualize yourself in the situation you want - if it’s eating healthier picture the food, the taste, the smell. Picture the results of having eaten it. If it’s a promotion or new job picture yourself in it, whatever it is that it is. Get as detailed as you can.

2. Who you need to be?

Visualize yourself being the kind of person it is that you need to be to achieve your new way of being. New habits, new ways of being, whatever it is…

3. What you need to do?

Visualize the steps you need to take and picture yourself actually taking them, moving through the motions.

In Closing…

There’s a surprising amount of power to come from positive thought and imagining yourself in the changes you want for yourself. This is the same kind of thing that “The Secret” was all about (holy fuck - when was the last time anyone thought about that piece of pop culture?!). Look - you might think this sort of thing is a waste of time - and if that’s true then don’t bother - but if you’re curious at all, and approach it from the right mindset, all it really takes is a few minutes a day to give it a shot. Try it for a couple of weeks and see if it doesn’t make a difference once you SMASH this kind of thing into your brain…


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