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English Muffin Mash

This is inspired by Brian from Krocks in the Kitchen. He uses cinnamon raisin toast - which I didn’t have. Any bread-type-thing will do the trick. This is a fast and filling as fuck breakfast that’s packed with lots of good stuff!

Serves: 1


1 Whole Grain English Muffins (or two slices of bread of your choice, I recommend cinnamon raison)

1 medium banana (the riper the better)

1 tbsp ground flax

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp almond butter (or whatever nut butter your heart fucking desires)

1/2 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen - but you know, heat ‘em up first)


Toast your bread type substance to your liking. I recommend letting it get a little crispy.

While that’s happening mash your banana up with a fork and mix in the flax, cinnamon, and last the nut butter. Mix that shit up till it’s as combined as can be. When it’s ready and the toast is done spread an even mixture on each slice/side of your bread-thing. Top with blueberries.



This thing is customizable at all stages. Swap out whatever bread you want - just make it whole grain.

I imagine you could swap out the banana for a super ripe mango - but I haven’t tried that. Apple sauce could probably work in a pinch.

Whatever nut butter you’ve got will work just dandy - just make sure that shit is pure nuts and isn’t full of fucking oil and sugar.

Swap out the blueberries for any fruit, really, but berries are idea - for health and shit.


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