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Curry Chick and Sweet P

This is comfort food at its goddamn finest. Our kids didn’t love it the first time we made it - but they’ve come around to it. My daughter puts mustard on it ‘cause she puts mustard on fucking everything (I don’t recommend the mustard).

Serves: 6 (but it’s filling as fuck, so probably more!)


6 cups sweet potatoes (peeled and diced!)

1/3 cup low-sodium vegetable broth (or you can just use water too - but it won’t be as flava-flav)

2 tsp no-salt seasoning (I like Mrs Dash - but you do you)

1 large onion (diced)

1 tbsp fresh ginger (minced)

3 cloves garlic (minced or pressed)

2 large red bell peppers (diced)

2 tbsp curry powder

3 cups cooked (or 2 15oz cans) chickpeas, (drained)

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar


Place your sweet potatoes into a steamer basket in a large saucepan with an inch of water. Steam that mother for 10 minutes or until cooked through. Test that shit and see. Set aside and keep it warm.

In another large pot heat up your broth (or water) and stir in the seasoning, onion, ginger, garlic, peppers, and curry powder. Stir the hell out of it, cover and cook for 3-5 minutes - until that shit is nice and tender. Add the chickpeas and simmer uncovered for 5 minutes.

Add in the vinegar and sweet potatoes and heat for a few minutes. Stir, but be gentle goddamnit! You don’t want to mash up the sweet potatoes too much. Or maybe you do, who the hell am I to tell you to mash your taters or not?! You might need to toss in a little more broth or water if it’s getting too dry - you figure it out.


I’ll sometimes throw this onto a bed of lettuce or kale or greens of some kind. Or just make a side salad. Chances are you’ll want to add something else to make this a full meal. You could add a grain to it too if you want - but that might be overkill. Your call.


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