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Choco-Cherry Nice Cream Cake

My kids said they wanted ice cream cake for dessert - so we made this. And it’s pretty fucking awesome. It takes some time to come together, but it’s worth it! Dairy free, sugar free, customizable to your hearts content!

Serves: 8 slices (I mean, depending on how you cut it…)


5 bananas, frozen

1 cup cherries, frozen

3 tbsp cocoa powder

1 cup blueberries, frozen

2 tbsp cocoa nibs

1/2 cup granola, divided (I think…. Eyeball this shit)


Take a bread pan and line it with plastic wrap. Make sure there’s enough of the edges to make some form of a handle for yanking later.

Make your first batch of ‘nice cream’. Let’s start with Cherries!

Add two frozen banana and the cherries to a food processor and turn that fucker on! You’re going to need to stop it periodically to scrap down the sides. It’s going to look like dip-n-dots and you’re going to think “this shit isn’t coming together” but just give it a bit. You’ll need to do this a few times, but once it starts getting creamy and flowing all together you’re good to go. Pour that shit into the bread pan and give it a good slam or two against counter so make sure it all settles in.

Spread the blueberries across the mixed and push in just ever so slightly so they’re still sticking out a bit. Stick in the freezer and let sit for at least an hour. Clean up the food processor in the mean time and get ready for round two!

Make your second batch of ‘nice cream’. Chocolate! Add the rest of the bananas and the cocoa powder to the food processor and repeat the same steps as the first batch. When it’s ready add that glorious glop all over the top of the first layer - slam it in again to make sure it all settles nicely.

Sprinkle the cocoa nibs and half of the granola all over the top. Take a measuring cup and gently press into it to help it flatted into the ‘nice cream’. Pop that bastard back into the freezer for at least another hour.

Take it out of the freezer, place upside down on a plate or cutting board and use the plastic wrap to help pull it out. If it sticks then fill a sink with some warm water and carefully lower the baking pan into it for 20-30 seconds. Pull it out of the water and try again to get it to come out. If it’s still sticking try sticking it in the water for another 20 seconds. Repeat as needed. (Mine came out on the first try, so it shouldn’t take much!)

Sprinkle the rest of the granola on top and press in with the measuring cup. If you need to you could serve this right away - but if you’re not in a rush pop it back into the freezer for a bit.

Slice into even pieces (8 seems right) and serve!


You can absolutely customize the hell out of this! Make whatever kind of ‘nice cream’ flavours you want - the ratio is essentially 3 servings of frozen fruit with banana as a base and blended with another fruit.

If you want you could add mix-ins to the ice cream once it’s creamy - just stir whatever it is you want directly in.

You could swap out the granola for the top/bottom and the blueberries for the middle for whatever you want - different cereal, coconut, chocolate chips. You do you! It’s just nice to have something with some texture through-out.


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