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Black Forrest Cake Overnight Oats

Over night oats that taste like Black Forest Cake - how the fuck do you turn this down?! This is one of my all time desserts and now it’s a healthy AF breakfast. You’re welcome!

Serves: 1


1/2 cup rolled oats

3/4 cup almond milk

1/4 cup cherry juice (if you have it - otherwise just use more milk)

1 tbsp buckwheat

2 tsp cocoa powder (or one scoop of chocolate protein powder to boost up the protein)

1 tbsp cocoa nibs

1 tbsp almond butter

1 banana, medium

1/2 cup frozen cherries


Stir the milk and juice (or just milk if you don’t have cherry juice - but holy shit it’s nice in this) together with the cocoa powder or protein powder. Pour into a bowl or a mason jar.

Add in everything else except for the banana and cherries. Stir it up good. Put it in the fridge and leave it overnight. If you’re doing this first thing in the morning you need at least an hour - the longer the better.

Measure out your frozen cherries and leave them to slightly thaw in the fridge overnight.

Remove everything, stir cherries, slice up banana and put on top. Fuckin’ things ready to SMASH INTO YOUR MOUTH!


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