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30 Days of Different Breakfasts: Part 2

Welcome back for Round 2! This took me way too long to post. I hope you’ve been trying a variety of different shit for your breakfast. I’ll admit, it’s hard to not just stick to the shit we love, but it’s always nice finding something new to try. And a lot of these work as well for lunches and dinners too - so bonus there! Alright - so without boring you too badly - he’s the next ten breakfasts I had in the month wherein I forced myself not to eat the same shit every day (in no particular order):

Jeremy’s Protein Packed Breakfast Beauties (Cookies)

These are hands down my most popular recipe on the site - and I’m all the more proud of it ‘cause I invented this one from scratch! So many people have made this and modifications of it and posted it on Instagram and it always puts a giant smile on my stupid fucking face.

These are tasty AF and pretty goddam healthy to boot. For a full breakfast you can probably have two of these with some berries and so long as you feel full till lunch I think that’s a totally perfect portion - especially if you do this following or preceding a morning workout.

Its protein rich and full of healthy fats and fibre. You’re welcome. This kept me pretty darn full for at least three hours - but by lunchtime I was ready to eat for sure.

Click here for the recipe!

Baked Oatmeal

This is something you’re going to want to make on a weekend for the whole family ‘cause it takes some time to put it together - but it feeds a small army so that works out. My wife actually thought it could use a little less maple syrup (‘cause she’s fucking crazy) and my mother in law thought it tasted like a cinnamon bun and both kids loved it - hallelujah! I made something everyone liked :)

I took this recipe from the Oh She Glows folks and made it my own. This is tasty as hell - I think this is probably best for fall or winter. I think I’m going to make this over the holidays again with pears and apples. You do you for your flavour combos - just use whatever seasonal fresh fruit you can get your hands on.

Click here for the recipe!

Veggie Tofu Chilaquiles

This recipe is from the amazing people at Thug Kitchen and it’s fucking BALLER. This would make a good dinner too - but it’s an amazing and quick-to-come-together breakfast too. Think like soggy nachos scrambled tofu… We had zero leftovers because pretty much anything with mexican flavours in our home gives us pretty much zero control. We’re animals. This is absolutely going to go into our stable of meals - my wife thinks it might end up being more dinner fare for us…

Here's the recipe!

Apple Pie in a Jar

This is pretty goddamn good. I didn’t microwave it like it says you can do for the added apple pie benefit. This is just got enough of a sweetness, and it mixes really well and gives you a nice amount of everything in each bite. This is a keeper.

I made this based off of a Pop Sugar recipe you can find right here.

Here’s the changes I made to their recipe: added a little vanilla, added 1/2 oz chopped walnuts total, a full apple, and I also threw in some blueberries (not in photo above)

Banana Cashew Overnight Oats

I liked this - but it was pretty standard overnight oat fare. I totally forgot that there was chickpeas in it - so they didn’t take away from it at all. I dug it - but it didn’t knock my socks off. Give it a whirl!

I made this based off of a Pop Sugar recipe you can find here.

Here’s the changes I made: I used 2 tbsp chickpeas, I used a full banana, added 1 tbsp flax, made it 1 cup of almond milk, made it 2 tbsp cashews, added 1 cup of blueberries.

Pumpkin Pancakes

It’s hearty as fuck and delicious. Each pancake (pre-sauce/syrup) is less than 100 calories. I know what I’ll be making through-out the fall. Holy shit. I’m going to go on a pumpkin spreee FOR SURE. This was way better than I thought it would be - not overly sweet - just perfect. Mmmmm. So goddamn good. Goddamn it I love pumpkin.

So I discovered this dish through the Jaroudi Family, who apparently got it from Forks Over Knives - I’d made it my own, so you can check out my recipe for it here.


So my usual go-to breakfast is granola, and although I make it as healthy as one can make granola is still has some oil and sweetener to it - so this is the healthy version of that. Check out my recipe - which is more of a “how to guide” to build your own based on your own tastes. Also check out my video on how to eat the stuff! ‘Cause, you know, there’s a few different ways…

Mexi-Cali Sweet Potato Smash

With this breakfast challenge I wanted to make sure that I put in enough savoury breakfasts. Now that I’m eating very few eggs - if any at all - I find that I largely gravitate towards breakfasts that are on the fruitier side of things - which is funny because when I go out for breakfast I almost always pick a savoury option - likely because they take a little bit more time to prepare - or at least present the illusion of that.

This tasted pretty much how I was expected it to - it was simple and filling without making me feel gross - and lasted me all morning on a day that I was pretty much moving and burning calories non-stop - so that’s a good thing. This is something I could see myself whipping up quickly if I’ve got extra beans in the fridge from something - the instant put makes it super easy to cook up a sweet potato in no-time.

Here’s my recipe!

Cauli-Power Porridge

Cauliflower really is a miracle veggie. This is a super delicious grain free alternative to oatmeal - it’s just a little more labour intensive - which isn’t a bad thing. Look - it’s just as tasty as oatmeal and it’s just as healthy (if not more) - packed with fibre and low in calories. I’ll be making this shit again for SURE.

Here’s my recipe for it!

Power Donuts

These were really really lovely, a little bit of a crunch to them, just the right amount of sweetness as well. You can put a glaze on these - we just whipped up a little coconut cream w/ some lemon and maple syrup and that was delightful. My daughter put some peanut butter and homemade chia jam on hers.

Recipe originated from the Oh She Glows - it’s in their books, and this person has also typed it up here!

Come back for the final instalment of 30 days of different breakfasts and check out the rest of the site while you’re here!


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