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you know, stuff i try to do and shit...

Whether you’re working with a ‘calories in Vs calories out’ mindset or not your physical health is something you have to consider daily. It’s pretty common that most people who are overweight are partially overweight because the idea of exercise is downright off-putting. It’s time consuming, hard, and let’s face it - usually not all that fucking fun. The unfortunate truth is that physical health is a key part of your over-all health - but it doesn’t mean that you need to be dripping in sweat on a daily basis - or ever if you don’t want to. There’s lots of different ways to get off your ass and move around that will help you - so browse through this section and see what inspires you. Start slow - do stuff that’s in your wheelhouse and that you enjoy - but make sure you do something on a daily basis - no matter how small. It all adds up in the long run.

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