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you know, recipes and shit...

A little pre-amble here. All the recipes below are aimed at being as high-nutrient, whole food, and plant-based as possible without oil and excess salt. Oh - they're also TASTY AS FUCK. That's the trick to it all - if you don't enjoy what you're eating then why the hell would you eat it?  

The other thing you'll notice is that I haven't included calorie and nutritional information as part of the recipes. As someone who spent two years of their life counting calories and having just recently broken myself of that habit (read more about that here) I prefer to recommend a far easier way of tracking your daily intake: the Nutritarian way. So if you wanna count calories go for it - enter the ingredients into something like this - but I recommend just looking at what's IN food, and trying to stick to the core Nutritarian principles:

- Non-Starchy Vegetables (Raw or Cooked) = Unlimited Quantities (Eat a shitload & include some onions and mushrooms!)

- Fruit = Unlimited (Min 3 servings - make one of them berries with a preference to blueberries)

- Beans / Legumes = Unlimited (Min 1 cup)

- Seeds / Nuts / Avocado = Limited (Keep Seeds/Nuts to 2oz a day (get at least 1oz with a preference to walnuts) and no more than 1 Avocado a day

- Ground Flax Seed = Limited (1 tbsp - try to get this daily)

- Whole Grains / Starchy Vegetables = Limited (no more than 6 servings - ideally 4 or less)

- Dried Fruit = Limited (4 tbsp)

- Animal Products = Limited (12oz total weekly)

- Processed Foods / Refined Sugars = Limited (10% of your daily calorie intake)

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